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Grow Your Portfolio with
Gemini Daydreams

A talented creative director is worth their weight in gold. By working with them, you are enlisting the expertise of a visionary, a storyteller, an artist, a problem solver, a strategist, an organizer, a hype woman, a technical expert, a multitasker, and an enthusiastic collaborator all in one. Need we say more?

As the owner and creative director at Gemini Daydreams, Emily takes pride in wearing all these hats. Her mission is to create visually stunning shoots that allow other photographers to experiment with and elevate their content. She believes embracing creative opportunities builds confidence, cultivates talent, and sparks imagination for future creative endeavors.


Emily is thrilled to be the contact point for conceptualizing and executing stunning visual projects, so you can simply show up and shoot. You won't need to dedicate hours to set design, lighting setups, or model coordination because she’s already got it covered.

Finally, Emily believes clients are more than just collaborators. Fostering long-lasting relationships, supporting other artists, and building a community are founding principles of Gemini Daydreams. Emily continually strives to improve her processes and craft to provide clients with the highest level of service while bringing creative visions to life. Click the links below to learn more about upcoming styled shoots.

Future Styled Shoots

Grow Your Portfolio with a Gemini Daydreams Styled Photo Shoot! Choose one or multiple events to attend!  

Ariana.easterly (49).jpg
Ariana.easterly (49).jpg

Gemini Daydreams' Studio

Featuring 4 sets : The Totally Austin! set, the Lovecore set, the Strip Poker set, and the Fairy Tea Party set.


Ring of Fire

Featuring the talented fire spinner, Jamie Angelica performing in a huge ring of cacti shot during golden hour. 


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