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The Luxury
boudoir Experience

The luxury boudoir experience is a unique and empowering photoshoot where you can showcase your body and explore your sensuality in a safe, comfortable, and fun environment. Sessions are done in the Gemini Daydreams photo studio which features four unique sets. The session will include a phone consultation, professional hair and makeup, client closet props and accessories, professional pose coaching and expert photography. We are here to showcase your confidence, beauty, and ass-ets hehe. Boudoir photos can serve as a reminder of self-love and body positivity and can be shared with partners or kept as a personal keepsake. Overall, the luxury boudoir experience is a beautiful and intimate journey that empowers you to embrace and celebrate your body! Get ready to have the time of your life!

Why Gemini Daydreams?

Boudoir is my passion! Not only do I have ample experience in shooting boudoir photography, through the years I have captured over 700 women's boudoir portraits, I know how to create the perfect mood, lighting, and poses to bring out your best features. I have a keen eye for detail, and will come up with creative concepts and ideas for your photoshoot! The quality of the images captured are second to none. I use high-end equipment, and I professionally edit each portrait. 

I understand the importance of privacy and will provide you a comfortable, safe, relaxed but fun environment. I hope to foster an empowering atmosphere for my clients, making them feel comfortable and confident in their bodies. I am  passionate about helping my clients celebrate their beauty and uniqueness with boudoir photography.

Overall, booking Gemini Daydreams as your boudoir photographer would be a wise choice if you're looking for an experienced, skilled, creative, and empowering professional who can capture stunning photos that showcase your inner and outer beauty.

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The  Process!



Take The Leap

Are you ready to celebrate your femininity, boost your confidence, and create stunning images that showcase your unique beauty? It's time to take the leap and live out those daydreams  and book a boudoir photoshoot with Gemini Daydreams.

Start first by booking a phone consultation with me so we can discuss your future photoshoot! Or if you'd like to get on the books before a consult,  you can do that too!


Your Session

Photoshoot Fresh

A boudoir photoshoot isn't JUST an empowering and transformative experience; it's also a fun and refreshing way to celebrate yourself and let your inner and outer beauty shine! At Gemini Daydreams, I go above and beyond to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where you can let go of any inhibitions and truly enjoy the experience. Get ready to be a model for the day and feel "photoshoot fresh, lookin' like wealth, I'm 'bout to call the paparazzi (Gemini Daydreams) on myself"


Reveal and Ordering

Treat Yourself

After the shoot, I will work with you to schedule a follow-up appointment where we will review your photos and I will assist you in choosing the perfect luxury products to showcase them. This appointment can take place either in person or virtually, depending on your preference and schedule. During the appointment, you'll see all of your images and make your purchase selections.

At Gemini Daydreams, I believe that every boudoir photoshoot experience should be remembered and cherished forever. That's why I offer a range of luxury products that allow you to indulge and treat yourself to something special.

What's Included?!

My  Clients  Say

Emily is such a joy to work with!! She captures the BEST photos and is so friendly! She makes all her models feel at ease and turns every shoot into an EXPERIENCE! She has great creative themes, concepts and events and also wonderful personalized solo sessions! She gives great feedback and coaching for newbies too! I’m so excited to shoot with her in the future and recommend her to anyone! Worth traveling for or looking into her traveling events! SERIOUSLY BOOK HER!!

 - Shelby Garcia

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A Gemini Daydreams photoshoot is a memory of a lifetime. It's a tangible reminder of just how sexy and badass you are that you'll look back on for years to come.
A $600 booking fee is required to secure your session date, this does not include any products but it is a credit that goes toward your final purchase.

We offer financing through Affirm or Klarna. We also offer flexible in-house payment plans that work like layaway plans (where you do the shoot or receive the product once paid in full). Use the financing options to have your shoot and get your products right away or invest in an in-house payment plan to make smaller, affordable monthly payments so it's easy to get what you truly desire! About 85% of my clients utilize some form of our convenient and customizable payment plans. 



Gotta Have it All 

10x10 Premium Leather, Suede or Velvet Luxury Album up to 40 photos. With a matching encasement to keep it protected for years. 

Velvet Luxury Photobox with up to 70 photos, and a matching USB with package of up to 120 high-res photos for your own printing capabilities.

16x24 Acrylic Wall Art or Luxury Metal Print


(Save over $2000)

Photobox Collection

Luxury Velvet Photo Box with up to 70 photos, and matching USB with all of the high-res photos for your own printing capabilities.

Custom Debossing and choice of 15+ Velvet Options 

12x18 Acrylic Wall Art or Luxury Metal Print


(Save over $1400)

Album Collection

10x10 Premium Leather, Acrylic or Velvet Luxury Album with 30 photos and Keepsake box

Matching high-res photos from the album 

8x12 Acrylic Wall Art or Luxury Metal Print


(Save $500)

Add ALL digitals – $3250

A  la  carte

Digital Photos

Package of 7 Digital Photos - $1000

Package of 10 Digital Photos - $1200

Package of 15 Digital Photos - $1500

Package of 20 Digital Photos - $1700

Package of 25 Digital Photos - $1900 

Package of 40 Digital Photos - $2000

Package of 80 digital photos - $2500

Package of 120 Digital photos - $3000

Package of 150 Digital photos - $3250

Package of 200 digital photos - $3500

Package of 300 digital photos -




ADD package up to 120 HIGH-RES PHOTOS FOR AN ADDITIONAL $1,750 and receive matching premium album box. 

6x6 Album with 10 photos on thick paper and lay-flat pages - $1100

8x8 Premium cover Album with 15 photos on fine art paper and lay-flat pages - $1300

10x10 Premium cover Album with 25 photos on fine art paper and lay-flat pages with storage box - $1500

Wall Art


11x14           $420

12x18          $500


16x24          $850

24x36        $1240

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