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Ring of Fire

Welcome to Ring of Fire, an exhilarating professional creative portrait photo shoot experience that merges the sultry charm of boudoir photography with the captivating intensity of fire spinning. Featuring the talented Jamie Angelica, this daring and unforgettable shoot showcases her prowess in spinning fire and bringing the heat for the camera. The unique aesthetic crafts an atmosphere that's both edgy and enticing.


Set against the breathtaking backdrop of a sun-kissed landscape, the Ring of Fire shoot unfolds during the  enchantment of golden hour, as the sky is painted with warm hues that will complement the fierce flames. The location is further enhanced by a striking semi-circle of cacti, their silhouettes standing sentinel against the setting sun, providing a natural and captivating frame for the scene.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the Ring of Fire experience transforms into a truly magical spectacle. The vibrant, otherworldly colors of the sunset meld with the fierce glow of the fire, casting a spellbinding light upon Jamie's seductive poses and captivating movements. This luxurious and unique photo shoot offers photographers an unparalleled opportunity to expand their portfolios, hone their skills, and indulge in the mesmerizing world of Ring of Fire—a place where the boundaries between fantasy and reality blur and where the raw power of nature meets the undeniable allure of our talented model, Jamie.


Photographers are invited to immerse themselves in the thrilling interplay of light and shadow, passion and danger, as they capture Jamie's hypnotic dance amidst the flickering flames. The eerie, horror-inspired ambiance adds a layer of intrigue to the shoot, enticing photographers to push the boundaries of their creativity and explore new dimensions of beauty and intensity.

Sunday, June 11th at 6pm


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