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Phone Consultation

five reasons to book the phone consult

1. Get to know me! A phone consult allows you to have a conversation with me, your photographer, and get to know me better! You can ask me questions about my  experience, photography style, portfolio, rates, packages and more! 

2. Discuss ideas and expectations: A phone consult is a great opportunity to discuss your ideas and expectations for your boudoir shoot. You can share your vision and discuss any concerns or expectations you may have.

3. Planning the shoot! A phone consult is an excellent time to plan the details of your shoot. We can discuss the location, wardrobe, and any props you may want to incorporate into the shoot or discuss any set add-ons you'd like to incorporate. 

4. Build a relationship with me! Getting to chat and discuss your session before your actual session date  will help make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. This can result in better photos and a more enjoyable experience overall!

 5. Ensure you are a good fit: A phone consult can help you determine whether we are a good fit for each other! 

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